About Us

We are swift, but not too mysterious

How Our Ninja Clan Assembled

They say that all stories start with one hero and a villain; our started with the click of a button and a vision in mind. Through the power of the internet (and the occasional sit down with coffee), techninja has come together to build effective links inside and outside of the digital plane and with years of experience those links have only propagated further.

OK… so we’re not really Ninjas (in the strict sense of the word).

The Ninja Commander

Head of “espionage, infiltration, assassination and guerrilla warfare”…. According to Wikipedia!
Hey…Can’t a guy fantasize?

Our team has spent years embracing the efficiencies of technology. Remember dial-up internet…? We were there to, helping everyone from internet start-ups to small and mid-sized dot com companies. Our Tech Ninja Marketing team has mastered the art of digital navigation so that you won’t have to. We’ll save the tech-talk for your tech-people and give you the skinny in plain english. This way, we can ensure that you fully understand how we intend to solve your businesses digital marketing problem in the most cost effective way.

Our Story may not have dragons, elves or the occasional wizard trying to destroy a sacred ring; but what our story does have is loyalty, consistency and the ability to keep growing, with every client (and challenge) that comes our way.

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