Search Engine Optimization

Tech Ninja Marketing has the expertise to know how to get you noticed when potential customers search the web for goods and services that your company offers.

There are ways of gaming the system–in the short run–and some SEO operations specialize in these tricks. In the longer run, it’s best to know what criteria search engine (particularly Google’s) algorithms use to rank results for searches likely to lead to your business, and we can use this knowledge to make sure that your company’s website gets attention, through the right combination of keywords and copy that the ranking engines will recognize as being of high quality and relevance.

Tech Ninja Marketing will work closely with you to construct your business website in ways that will get it eyeballed online by all your target demographics, whether your operations are local, regional, nationwide, or international. There’s no point in building a slick website that goes unnoticed. We take pride in our work for our clients, and we want their investment in quality to get the attention it deserves.Tech Ninja Marketing can also perform regular maintenance on your site to make sure that it remains continuously relevant to your customers and all the search engines you rely on, such as Yelp. From the outside, Tech Ninja Marketing can make sure that your website is being linked to by other high-reputation websites in ways that enhance its visibility. Once again, this is based in very specialized expertise that has to be deployed strategically. If ham-handedly performed, it will harm your site’s reputation. If properly managed, it represents a great return on your investment.

SEO is constantly evolving. It’s not enough for us to submit your site to all the right directories and to hit all the right keywords. Where keywords appear in relation to other information on your website is critical to rankings. Also crucial is how various kinds of content, whether text or images or layout or sitemap, relate to each other. This is highly specialized and continuously evolving knowledge, and Tech Ninja Marketing can fine-tune everything for maximum results.

Touch your customers 24/7 and differentiate your business from the competition with effective SEO. Let’s start the conversation!